James Little in the studio discussing colours for a project

James Little in the studio discussing colours for a project

From the start of every project through the delivery and installation, our team of experts will work closely with you in collaboration each step of the way. This typically starts with selecting the best techniques to match your original artwork. By understanding the steps used to create the original artwork we can then identify the art glass fabrication techniques that can best translate your design. This includes color matching through the development of samples and studies as typical first steps. This becomes the basis for open communication and collaboration moving forward to the start of final fabrication.

The team includes a Project Manager and a skilled craftsperson who both work closely with you to ensure the successful translation of your original work into glass. The Project Manager works closely with you from the start to identify and meet the existing budget for the project.

The Project Manager assists with not only ensuring the best translation of your work but also handles all the technical requirements for the project. This includes communicating with the client and the project team to ensure we receive correct dimensions and technical requirements for the glass. Our team will stay in close communication with the client to make sure the timeline and milestones are met.

Through each phase of the project our team will provide updates of progress through email, phone calls and images of the work progressing.


In glass painting, there are many different techniques for glass refinement. For centuries we have had the skill to paint .on glass, but new technologies and equipment such as airbrushing, screen printing, sandblasting, fusing, etc. have seen new skills develop. Through the combination of different techniques, ever more new design options are created, and the possibilities of modern glass processing become more and more diverse.

By means of new procedures such as the professional processing of artistic glass works on all types of safety glass, more and more fields of application are coming into being. It is impossible to list them all, but the following projects give an overview of the fascinating world of glassdesign.

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