Medivial Glass:

Chartres, Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres, France, 13th century

Soest, St. Petri, Germany, 13th century

Altenberg, St. Maria (Cathedral), Germany, 12th -14th century

Cervera, S. Maria,, Spain, 14th century

Ingelheim, protestant Burgkirche, Germany, 15th century

Straubing, St. Jakob, Germany, 15th century

Sevilla, Cathedral, Spain, 15th century

Cologne, St. Peter, Germany, 16th cenury

Cologne, St. Pantaleon, Germany, 16th century

Soest, St. Maria zur Wiese, Germany, 16. Jh.

Selles, St. Denis, France, 16th century

Baroque glass windows:

Paris, St. Merri, France, 17th century

Girona, Kathedrale, Spain, 17th century

Rietberg, Cloister, Germany, 17th -18th century

Abtenau, Germany, 18th century

Castle Erbach, Germany, 17th century

Antwerpen, Sterckshof, Belgium, 18th century

19th century - Beginning 20th century:

Scherpenheuvel, Unsere Liebe Frau, Belgium, approx. 1840

Lüdinghausen, Germany, approx. 1860

Castle Erbach, Germany, approx. 1860

Naßstädten, St. Peter und Paul, Germany, approx. 1860

Manresa, Spain, approx. 1870

Hamburg, St. Petri, Germany, approx. 1880

Paris Vanves, France, approx. 1880

Hamont Achel, Belgium, approx. 1890

Warendorf, St. Laurentius, Germany, approx. 1880 - 1900

Straubing, St. Jakob, Germany, approx. 1890 - 1900

After 1945

Hamburg, St. Marien (Cathedral),, Germany

Wittlich, St. Markus, Germany

Düsseldorf, St. Martin, Germany

Würzburg, Sepultur, Germany

Stadtallendorf, Germany


Museum Schnütgen, Cologne, Germany, 14th -19th century

Museum Kestner, Hannover, Germany, 13th -16th century


Hamburg, Brahmsplatz, Germany, 20th century

Leipzig, russ.orth.Kirche, Germany, 20th century

Concrete Glazing

St. Peter's Catholic Church, Herborn

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