“WELL-BEING” - MediCo Center, Paderborn, Germany

in collaboration with Martin Donlin

Client: MediCo Centre
Architect: Bremer
Photo credits: Martin Donlin

Technique: The glass is hand painted, toughened, laminated and secured to the building with invisible fixings.

A wonderful array of hand-applied textures and airbrush painting on this large-scale exterior piece. Hand painted in an amazingly short period of time to keep the project deadline on time and on budget.

– Martin Donlin, Artist

DESCRIPTION: The designs have been created using simple human figure forms in the pursuit of health and happiness. The figures include men, women and children as a “family” just like the building houses a “family” of professional practitioners who the public can trust to look after their healthcare issues with confidence.

The designs have been generated with the spirit and sense of well-being, then abstracted to such a degree as to extract the essence and nature of this feeling, hopefully leaving the viewer to project their own thoughts and interpretations onto the artworks.

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