"CLOUDBREAK"- Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse, Denver, Colorado , USA

in collaboration with Catherine Widgery

Client: City of Denver Department of Cultural Affairs
Architect: Brian Klipp
Photo Credits: Frank Ooms, Catherine Widgery

Technique: Digitally printed glass combined with 12,500 laminated borosilicated glass tubes in different sizes.

DESCRIPTION: The east wall of the Jury Assembly room is a colored glass image of light bursting from behind dramatic storm clouds seen through a layer of over 12,500 glass tubes that “push” like a cloud through the metal frame of the wall in low relief. Each tube catches the bits of color of the pixilated image and causes them to swirl like a kaleidoscope animating the whole as the viewer moves. Lit by the sun in the morning, “Cloudbreak” changes throughout the day with the changing light. At night the image is visible through the exterior glass as it glows from the interior lighting.

I was able to conceive this work and then experiment with a variety of full-scale prototypes of sections working with the team at the Peters Studio.

We resolved technical problems and did crucial experimentation so that by the time the work was ready to install it went flawlessly.

– Catherine Widgery, Artist

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