"OMNES AURORA, OMNES MUNDI, OMNIA MOVENS" - RTD Fasttracks North Metro Line, Aurora, USA

in collaboration with George Bates

Client: Regional Transportation Distric of Denver
Architect: Matt Druffel
Photo credits: George Bates

Technique: Multiple layers of airbrushed vitreous colored enamels on safety glass.

DESCRIPTION: The series title is "Omnes Aurora, Omnes Mundi, Omnia Movens" (translation: "All Aurora, All The World, All Moving"). This phrase, like Aurora itself, is both straightforward and is to be interpreted in a variety of meanings reflecting this multilayered and diverse community. Abstract elements hint at something that one can interpret of their own accord. One viewer might interpret a particular abstraction as the surrounding mountains whereas another might see it as open field of grasses and flowers, or simply an interpretation of movement and light; but all will ultimately be viewed in conjunction with the overarching idea that diversity is a great strength and we are greater at the times when we come together as one.

I’ve worked with Peters Studios for two of my public art projects and what has been realized as final art has exceeded my expectations each time to create lasting works of art to inspire for a lifetime. I trust Peters exclusively to realize, enhance, and problem solve all aspects of my vision for these works at every phase of a project.

- George Bates, Artist

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