St. Mary's church, Borgholzhausen, Germany

in collaboration with Thierry Boissel

Client: Catholic parish of St. Marien and St. Nikolaus Borgholzhausen
Architect: Hans-Joachim Kruse
Photo credits: Thierry Boissel

Technique: Slumped glas with sandblasting toughened safety glass

DESCRIPTION: Hundreds of squares have been combined to create a blue band which extends horizontally across the whole area: The inside Cross appears to be positioned in the centre of an abstract composition, which expands symmetrically on both sides, allowing a very diverse effect to unfold in the process. Constructed in 2013, this wall in the Church of St. Marien and St. Nicolaus in Borgholzhausen towers to a height of 11' 2" and stretches in excess of 33' in length. It is a monumental piece of art made of structured and polished glass, which acts as a divide between the actual church and the every day chapel, while at the same time creating a link between the two.

The artistic design was made by Thierry Boissel. His work is a piece of art that is focused on elementary structure, and which gives the room a diverse and surprising effect - which also creates a very special atmosphere. Distinctive and orderly, and with its varying zones of reflected light, the wall almost comes to life. In appearance it is vividly mobile and rich in abstract and cryptic connotation.

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