"RIPPLES"- Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Morrisville,North Carolina, USA

in collaboration with Catherine Widgery

Client: Raleigh-Durham International Airport
Architects: Clark Nexsen
Photo Credits: Michel Dubreuil

Technique: Digital UV print combined with laser etching on tempered laminated float glass and transformed photographic ink-jet printed image.

DESCRIPTION: “Ripples” creates a contemplative, soothing expanse of blue water where the patterns of drops remind us of eternal rhythms and cycles. The impression of movement is achieved via thin etched lines that “interfere” with an image behind them. The artist took photographs of “rain” on water, created on a day immediately after a rainstorm when the sun had come out, and the sky was blue with clouds. The photographs were in rapid sequence, so the viewer sees three moments at a time in a single hybrid image viewed sequentially due to the movement of the viewer.

The highly technical nature of this project where etched lines needed to be perfectly aligned with the image behind the ‘veil’ of etching was a significant challenge and I am grateful to the Peters Studios for the tireless testing and samples that were required to get this right.

- Catherine Widgery, Artist

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