"Water Glass" - Enwave Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

in collaboration with Sarah Hall

The Enwave Theatre was originally constructed in 1926 as an ice house where large blocks of ice intended for freight were stored. It was converted to a theatre in the 1980s. As part of the recent renovation the theatre now boasts a sleek, three-story glass envelope that surrounds the entire north, east, and west sides of the facility with Sarah’s "Waterglass" painting inspired by the shifting pattern of light on water. On the east facade, an image suggestive of a lake freighter holds 360 silk screened photos related to the history of Lake Ontario. The glass provides thermal insulation and has unique, electricity-generating windows.

"Waterglass" is a world fi rst for integrating art glass and photovoltaics with heat mirror technology, bringing it to the highest insulation values possible for glass. Not a bad upgrade for an 88-year-old ice house!

Artist: Sarah Hall
Client: Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre

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