"ENERGY"- Blattner Energy Company, Avon, Minnesota, USA

in collaboration with Alexander Tylevich

Client: Blattner Energy Company
Architect: Kim Cameron, ART PARTNERS GROUP
Photo credits: George Heinrich

Technique: Two glass spirals of bent laminated dichroic glass.

DESCRIPTION: This concept artistically interprets the Blattner Family story. The installation adds artistic vibrancy and cheerfulness to the two-story lobby atrium. The artwork consists of a glass spiral, visually reminiscent of a DNA doublehelix in the process of formation. The spiral is positioned on a stainless steel frame, and the entire sculpture is suspended in midair. Additional sets of cables support an independent glass art installation, which completes the composition. This art concept fits seamlessly within the building’s design, taking advantage of the layout and atrium windows. When sunshine from the windows hits the artistic glass, reflections cast iridescent shadows around the space - a playful and beautiful expression of the energy, activity, and movement already within the building.

Collaboration with Peters Studio is an artform in itself. On both a personal and professional level, we have a mutual understanding of how best to approach each individual project. From earliest communications with Peter Kaufmann and throughout the design, fabrication, shipping, and installation process, we resolve all challenges together, promptly and professionally.

- Alexander Tylevich, Artist

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