"SINGING THE LIGHT" Greenwood College School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

in collaboration with Sarah Hall

Client: Greenwood College school
Architect: Montgomery Sisam Architects
Photo credits: Peter Legris, Andre Beneteau

Technique: Ceramic digital printing laminated with air-brushed enamels; tempered glass drilled, frameless mounting.

It was a joy to work with Peters Studios on “Singing the Light.” The art glass is beautiful and we have had endless client comments and compliments on the project. All of the technical decisions were good ones. Peters did great work on a tight budget and schedule

– Sarah Hall, Artist

DESCRIPTION: “Singing the Light” is an integrated artwork 60 feet high by 18 feet wide continuously spanning five floors. The trees, root systems, eight spirit house colors, birds and light are an allegory for the school community. Sarah’s artwork uses stylized, dynamic and dramatic forms to contribute energy and vibrancy to the space. The trees speak to the role of the teachers and staff with their grounded outreach and sheltering branches. Moving around and through the branches are the birds in spirit house colors creating a connection to students.

The richly colored root system celebrates the founders of the school. On each floor the viewer experiences the interplay of transparent, translucent and opaque glass – giving a sense of layered depth, and mystery.

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