"Croton-Harmon Station" - Croton-on-Hudson, New York, USA

in collaboration with Corinne Ulmann

Client: MTA Arts and Design
Architect: MTA Metro North Railroad
Photo credits: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Hand-painted and airbrushed enamels are applied to three layers of glass that are then laminated.

DESCRIPTION: Eight art glass windows form a series of local landscapes in the waiting room overpass of a train station along New York’s Hudson River. The glass windows are painted to create a sequence of trees passing through the seasons. Each window is paired with the window directly across, so that the room is sequenced into bands of seasons that are crossed to access the platforms.

For each window, hand-painted and airbrushed enamels are applied to three layers of glass that are then laminated, creating a dynamic image that shifts depending on point of view. When seen frontally, the layers collapse upon one another to form the image; when seen obliquely, the layers pull apart to create a moving pattern within the glass.

Working with Peters Studios has been an adventure and the best kind of collaboration. From the very first project, our working process developed through intense conversation and genuine exploration. They are fully committed and passionate about their work, and share the desire and relentlessness to see the artwork to its utmost potential.

- Corinne Ulmann, Artist

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