"RIVER WARP"- Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge, Portland, USA

in collaboration with Anna Valentina Murch

Client: City of Portland Public Art
Artist: Anna Valentina Murch
Architect: AGPS Architecture Ltd
Photo credits: Anna Valentina Murch

Technique: Photographic slide film laminated between ceramic digitally printed and tempered float glass.

DESCRIPTION: A sequence of 40 photographic images on glass that frame the corners of the ten-story elevator tower that connects the Gibbs bridge to the plaza on the west side, allowing residents on the east side access to the river. The images on the glass are of the reflections of light moving across the surface of water, creating abstracted images of the changing quality of the bordering landscape.

The images become a close-up experience when in the elevator tower, rather like seeing a filmstrip in slow motion as you pass from floor to floor. From the outside the elevator tower becomes a beacon of light and color projecting an abstraction of the changing qualities of light at different times of the day.

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