"FLIGHT" and "THE SPIRIT OF HONG KONG" - Hong Kong International Airport, China

in collaboration with the artist Graham Jones

Client: Airport Authority Hong Kong
Architect: Aedas
Photo credits: Grischa Rüschendorf

Technique: Backlit layers of toughened and laminated glass. The glass has been slumped to create a rich surface texture and then airbrushed with fired transparent glass enamels.

DESCRIPTION: Hong Kong Airport now has two enormous architectural glass artworks. They have been installed in the new ‚Midfield Concourse‘. One feature is in the Departures area and one in the Arrivals. The Arrivals feature is a 30 metre long back-lit red and yellow abstract painting in glass.
The surface of the glass is full of texture, matching and sometimes in contrast to the large brushstroke elements of the design.
The Departures feature is all blues and pinks, a full forty metres long, with two escalators riding upwards towards the centre walkway where you can actually stand in front of the glass.

"The craftsmanship in creating these huge pieces was really exeptional.
The scale of the operation was enormous and the complexity of the different layers and textures made for a very challenging execution process."

Graham Jones, Artist

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