“TTHE WHEEL ON THE BUS“- MTA NYCT Manhattanville Bus Depot, New York USA

in collaboration with Tomo Mori

Client: MTA Arts and Design
Architect: MTA Arts & Design
Photo credits: Filip Wolak

Technique: Airbrushed and hand-painted enamels applied to safety glass.

DESCRIPTION: In this artwork, the wheels on the bus symbolize the momentum of the diverse community. In the laminated glass, fabric patterns from over 20 different cultural groups are incorporated into the design to honor their traditions. The watercolor texture beneath them suggests emotions of people blending, finding connections.

After many samples were made, we arrived at the three-layered structure with mirrors, colors & metallic foils in order to maximize the potential of the laminated glass, enjoyable from inside or outside. The metal sculpture including careful details on bolts and nuts continues the circular line, creating a unique interplay with the glass.

My laminated glass design included approx. 20 fabric patterns from around the world, layered over watercolor texture and intricate metallic foil details. I appreciate the precision and craftsmanship Peter's fabricators brought to the project.

- Tomo Mori, Artist

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