"BLOOMING" - Red Cube Museum Plaza, Shenzhen, China

in collaboration with Shan Shan Sheng

Client: City of Shenzhen
Architect: Yang Wen Jing - Yi Chang Architectural Design Firm & John Misener Interior Architects
Photos & Video Credits: East West Art Studio

Technique: Airbrushing and handpainting on laminated glass, put together on site in Shenzhen facilitating the construction, lighting, and final installation.

DESCRIPTION: The project features a massive abstract sculpture created from a series of vividly colorful organic columns fabricated from architectural art glass, BLOOMING is monumental, It reflects the transformation of the Shenzhen skyline into groundbreaking, surprising forms. BLOOMING is inspired by Shenzhen's unique moment and history, as a place of fabrication, craft, and digital, as a portal shaping China's present and future. Consisting of nearly 500 glass panels, 29ft high, 25ft wide and 23ft long, dazzling colors create a dynamic visual impact. LED lighting is integrated into each panel, choreographed and synchronized with original music. Viewers can interact with the sculpture using a mobile app. The sculpture is located at the Red Cube Museum Plaza in Shenzhen, China.

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