Restoration and conservation of concrete windows

A new field of expertise

Exposing the corroded reinforcing bars

Concrete thick glass windows form an absolute specialty in stained glass. The art of casting thick pieces of glass into concrete developed at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In its origin intended as illumination of basements by walkways, this method was very quickly adapted to the design of window walls.

After World War II, this window form became the focus of architects and found its heyday in the years that followed. There is hardly any other type of window design that is so closely linked to architecture as concrete thick glass windows are.

The combination of glass, concrete and steel develops its own artistic quality through the formation of concrete and glass reliefs on the inside and outside as well as its special colored glass effect, which the thick glass unfolds through its light refraction.

St. Peter's Catholic Church, Herborn - restoration and additional conservation with a cathodic corrosion protection system

Their aging and corrosion process also differs significantly from those of normal lead glazing. As early as 2009, we conducted the first research project in the field together with the "Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung" (Federal Institute for Materials Research) and have been constantly developing the restoration techniques ever since.

Two subsequent research projects and numerous restoration works brought further important findings. With the acquired competences we are able to determine an exact analysis of the condition of concrete thick glass windows and consequently create necessary measures or an individual restoration concept.

In the last few years we have been able to restore and preserve over 30 major concrete thick glass window cycles. We will not let up fighting for this extraordinary art genre in order to secure its preservation for the future.

Chipped glass surface

In doing so, we employ a variety of restoration methods. From simple repairs on concrete thick glass windows damaged by vandalism on site to the dismantling and complete overhaul of the window stock in the workshop and the subsequent reinstallation and renewal of all sealing seams, we now have a wide range of technical options at our disposal.

The protection of windows with a cathodic corrosion protection system is also part of our restoration repertoire.

We are constantly working on optimizing and improving the existing restoration possibilities.


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