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Peters Studios has two locations for their state-of-the-art workshops. The original studio, which is in the heart of Paderborn, Germany, is the base for our traditional stained glass and world-acclaimed Restoration department.

Just down the road on the outskirts of Paderborn, in a small village named Neuenbeken, we have renovated three old farmhouses which now house one of the most cutting-edge art glass fabrication facilities in the world.

Our facilties and our staff members, who work together with and for artists from all corners of the world, form the heart of our company. This is where our enthusiasm for glass creation comes to life and our passion for glass-art is almost tangible in each and every room of our workshops.

Our staff are not only passionately involved, they are also highly qualified. You will find specially trained experts in all disciplines of traditional and contemporary art glass fabrication techniques.

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We don’t just experiment and research with huge enthusiasm, but with success too: Our joint projects with renowned research institutes on silicate or photovoltaic research speak for themselves.

However, as much as we love anything modern and innovative, we are just as attached to the traditional roots of our craft. Traditional stained glass with lead glazing, medieval glass, restoration and reconstruction still make up a large share of our work. Due to the ever-changing and developing demands of glass design and its potential, we constantly expand and modernize the equipment in our workshops.

You will find that our worksites are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technical facilities whether it be the latest 3D mapping system to best assess the makeup of glass made in the 13th Century that needs to be restored or the top-of-the-line filtration system installed in our airbrushing room.

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Paderborn Techniqual Facilities:

Glass-cutting room
Lead glazing workshop
Mosaics preparation and assembly room
Airbrushing room
Sandblasting chamber
Architectural plotter for enlargements of drafts and one-to-one printouts
Specially furnished restoration rooms complete with state-of-the-art ventilation
Digital documentation room complete with multiple digital cameras, SLR-cameras and 6x6 cameras,microscopes and an aerosol nebulizer
Art gallery and screening room for events and lectures

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Neuenbeken Techniqual Facilities:

Fully automatic sandblasting equipment
Multiple kilns ranging in size with the largest kiln able to process glass 8.5' W x 15' L
Three completely equipped, large airbrush rooms with state-of-the art filtration systems
Three architectural plotters for producing vinyl masks used for etching, sandblasting and painting
‘Michelangelo’ digital printer for printing with ceramic enamel paints, digital printer for direct printing onto glassFully equipped screen-print room, Acid etching room
Viewing hall with large window (80' W x 20' H) for mounting, displaying and inspecting large sections of glass

Exhibition room and gallery with seating capacity for up to 120, complete with modern technology, including video screens, projector and sound

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