"Field" - Iowa State University, Ames, USA

in collaboration with Corinne Ulmann

Field is a 92 foot long artwork on the glass guardrail at Harl Commons, a meeting place for the School of Agriculture at Iowa State University. The imagery is inspired by the breathtaking horizontality of an Iowa field, serving as an emblemfor agriculture as cultivated land and a reference to the University’s history as a land grant institution. More symbolically, a fi eld refers to an area of study and links to thoughts on agricultural leadership as stemming from the personal, intense and committed relationship you have with your fi eld, how you can change your "fileld" and how it can in turn change you.

Through a pattern of vertical lines, the image is divided onto two layers of glass, which creates a gap that allows the layers to interact with one another and shift in relation to the movement and position of the viewer.

Technique: Multiple layers of airbrushed and hand-painted vitreous coloured enamels fired onto tempered and laminated float glass.

Artist: Corinne Ulmann
Client: Iowa Art in State Buildings Program for Curtiss Hall and Art on Campus Collection

"Working with Peters Studios has been an adventure and the best kind of collaboration. From the very first project, our working process developed through intense conversation and genuine exploration. I am consistently impressed with the Studios´depth of experience, openess to experimentation and techniqual ingenuity.

Corinne Ulmann, Artist

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