"BLUE SKY PURSUIT, SUNRISE GARDEN"- LIRR; Seaford Station, Seaford, New York, USA

in collaboration with Carson Fox

Client: MTA Arts and Design
Architect: Jacobs Civil Consultants
Photo credits: Peter Bartsch

Technique: Airbrushed and silkscreened safety glass with laminated glass crystals.

DESCRIPTION: For the twelve Seaford Station windows, the artist envisioned a fantasy extension of the preexisting sky, rolling from a deep to light blue, full of birds and butterflies. Their routes will be traced with dots of clear glass, mimicking and entangling with one another, suggesting the buildup of years of migration from one point to the next, not unlike the daily movements of commuters.

The manipulated prints literally have hundreds of holes handpunched into their surfaces, revealing the lacy, imaginary pathways taken by the players in the scene, or eliminating as much of the surface as possible before obscuring the narrative.

I worked collaboratively with Peters Studios to create a strategy that would realize my artistic vision. Peters worked with great sensitivity using my original designs as a guide, providing me with samples and working with me directly in their Paderborn studios. I would strongly recommend Peters Studios to any artist with similar needs. They have the expertise, confidence and experience to successfully guide an artist’s vision from conception to reality.

– Carson Fox, Artist

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