“SKY VEIL” - Ogden Juvenile Courthouse, Utah, USA

in collaboration with Catherine Widgery

Client: Utah Division of Arts and Museums
Architect: VCBO Architecture
Photo credits: Eve Chayes Lyman

Technique: Laminated dichroic glass.

DESCRIPTION: Dichroic glass lines the mullions over the fourstory facade. "Sky Veil" transforms the courthouse environment for those who go there in a time of sorrow and stress. The glass curtain wall that slices through the volume of the building and creates beautiful lobbies outside each courtroom is the most dramatic element in the architecture of the courthouse. "Sky Veil" introduces color and interactivity with the surrounding landscape in these spaces so the surroundings are experienced through a new lens and the complexity of fragmented reflections challenges the mind to become alive to its environment.

"The response to this project has been deeply gratifying. From the judges and courtroom staff to the maintenance people, there has been a unanimous agreement that “Sky Veil” has in a subtle and beautiful way transformed the experience of the building and moving through its interior."

– Catherine Widgery, Artist

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