"METAMORPHOSIS" - Terminal 1, Raleigh Durham International Airport, North Carolina, USA

in collaboration with Martin Donlin

Client: Raleigh Durham Airport
Architects: Clark Nexsen
Photo credits: Martin Donlin

Technique: Hand painted ceramic enamel on tempered laminated glass.

DESCRIPTION: A situation existed in the circulation area of the airport between ticketing and security, where the wall is 50 feet long by 25 feet high. The artwork had to address the fact that the bottom half of the wall is solid yet the top half is transparent.

The design had to be one uninterrupted continuous surface. The artwork is bold and vibrant at first viewing but contains many references to local plants and seeds for crops and vegetation. The idea of growth was developed to suggest a nurturing environment in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area known as the Research Triangle. Extremely large sheets of glass required specialist engineering in order to support the artwork.


An incredible amount of hand painting and textural treatments on all four surfaces of glass made a seamless join between the solid wall at the bottom of the screen and the transparent corridor at the top.

- Martin Donlin, Artist

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