"THE GLASS TREASURE BOX" - Technology Park for nano-structures, Halle/Saale, Germany

in collaboration with Christine Triebsch

Client: TGZ Halle Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Halle GmbH & Bio-Zentrum Halle GmbH
Architect: ar.te.plan GmbH, Dortmund
Photo credits: Christian Triebsch

Technique: Screen printed on both sides of the toughened glass with high-fire enamels.

DESCRIPTION: At first glance this is a clearly defined and compact building structure, though its complexity is only revealed through its detail. A windowless wing of rooms forms the heart – the Black Box – of the building. This is enhanced by a frameless artistic casing designed by Professors Göbel and Triebsch from Halle. A delicate pattern is reminiscent of nano structures; using over-imposed large diagonals. Next to the "Gläserne Schatzkästchen" is the three-story laboratory and administration wing, and the two combined create a partly roofed interior courtyard which is open to the public. The façades of these premises are made of light Spanish limestone, and their bands of windows are offset.

For a long time now, my artistic designs have been successfully realised by Glasmalerei to the fullest satisfaction, also of my clients. I greatly appreciate the open-mindedness of the company for the application of innovative technologies, which I can use in my work and which in the past years have had an extremely positive effect on my creative work.

- Christine Triebsch, Artist

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