"Cloudbreak"- Denver Justice Center, Colorado , USA

in collaboration with Catherine Widgery

In this work, light is a metaphor for insight and clarity in justice as it is throughout the Justice Center. As potential jurists sit and wait for their selection and instruction, the sun from the outside glows from behind the clouds as if from a higher plane of awareness. The shifting colour and light as it plays over and through the glass is a meditation on transcendent beauty and it calls on each individual to reach for his or her higher self while taking on the serious responsibility as a juror.

The original plaster wall has been replaced by a wall of approx. 11,200 glass tubes so that some of the translucency of the window on the left is continued through this wall. Behind the wall of glass tubes the etched glass frit "skin" of the building allows the morning light from the east to illuminate the wall. The side of the tube wall which is toward the outside glazing is covered with a permanent coloured film.

Artist: Catherine Widgery
Client: City of Denver Department of Cultural Affairs

"It was a pleasure to work with Peters Studios on this project. Their attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and collaborativation turned this project into my careers masterpiece."

Catherine Widgery, Artist

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