"Blueprint of Flight"- Dallas Love Field Airport, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

in collaboration with Martin Donlin

The central figure in the artwork is that of Moss Lee Love the pioneering aviator from whom Love Field takes it‘s name. To the left of the design a collage of images that are taken from indigenous plant and bird life; the Pecan Tree and the Mockingbird are overlaid with a flock of birds in flight. To the far right we can see a historic map of Downtown Dallas from about the time of the first runway construction at Love Field. To the left of the map is a large globe showing modern day flight paths around the world with Dallas as a central location.


On top of all these elements are many layers of poems that relate to mans "desire to fly". Some of the text is totally legible and sharp to read while other layers of text are seen as soft dreamlike "vapour trails" across the sky uniting and connecting everything.

Artist: Martin Donlin
Client: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Architect: Corgan Architects, 2013

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