"On and Off the Boardwalk"- Beach 67 Street Subway Station, Rockaway Line, New York, USA

in collaboration with Ingo Fast

Ingo Fast‘s series of 17 laminated glass panels for the Beach 67th Street station at Arverne in the Rockaways, Queens, is partially installed, with artwork on the southbound platform; the rest of the work is installed on the northbound platform. Fast creates amusing figures and landscapes, rendered in thin lines, washed in color, and seen from unusual vantage points.

For this project he created a series of drawings that feature scenes from the neighborhood: families going to the beach, a roller coaster ride from the days of Rockaway Playland, which was located nearby, fireworks, and lazy summer days. As counterpoint, a pair of panels shows an ice skater enjoying the deserted beach community, still bright and vibrant under a winter sky.

Technique: Multiple layers of airbrushed enamels on safety glass.

Artist: Ingo Fast
Client: MTA Arts for Transit

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