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Visits to Peters Glass Studios and/or guided workshop tours are subject to prior arrangement.

Guided workshop tours will last approximately 1 and half hours and comprise a visit to the department of traditional and modern glass design and the restoration of historic glass paintings. Visitors will receive a descriptive explanation of the individual work steps from the initial design to the finished window. The process involved is divided into many different phases; therefore, the individual workshops are relatively small and visitors are restricted to a maximum of 25 persons per group and tour. If the group comprises more than 25 people, two parallel tours can be conducted through the workshops.

Persons per tour: Maximum of 25 persons per tour
Price per tour: Euros 80.00 including 19% VAT
Duration of tour: Approximately 1 ½ hours
Dates: Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00 hrs,
Fridays and Saturdays are exceptions and subject to prior arrangement.

Please fill in our Application and return it to us. We shall contact you straight away to confirm the dates.

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