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The first generation
The founder of the workshop, Mr Otto Peters was a traditional glass painter with classical qualifications and a German Academy scholarship at the Villa Massimo in Rome. In 1912 he opened the Westphalian Art Institute of Glass Painting and artistic glazing; for the renovation of ancient glass paintings. The name of the workshop is ‘Programm’ and the choice of the location has proved to be an important decision. The first and most significant endorsement for the new enterprise was the project for Paderborn Cathedral.
The workshop also offers new windows designed in-house, the reconstruction of historic windows and protective glazing.
The First World War put a sudden stop to these hopeful beginnings. For the 39 year old, Otto Peters, it was another four years until the actual story of his success began. The work in the churches in Hamburg-Altona, Delbrück, Gelsenkirchen and the Ursulin Monastery Neheim bear witness to this.

The second generation
In 1936, Emil Peters took charge of the workshops. He had learned the craft of glass painting from his father and followed in his footsteps. The workshop operated with renowned artists to fulfil orders in many cities worldwide, for instance, in Beirut, Detroit, Manila and Washington. Emil Peters shares his technical knowledge with others freely and teaches many glass painters and artistic glaziers. World War II then interrupts his work. On his return from captivity as a prisoner of war he finds his hometown, his house and his workshop in ruins. Emil Peters not only rebuilds his own house and workshop, he also assists in the general reconstruction programme. Once again, Paderborn Cathedral becomes a cornerstone of development.

The third generation
Unburdened by conflict and its consequences, Wilhelm Peters took over the reins of the Master Workshop in 1980. Following his studies at Hamburg University of Art, he is distinguished as a lecturer of Art, an author and an exhibitor, giving presentations on the theory of art. During this time, Professor Bazon Brock is his most important advisor. Thus equipped, he set himself the task of continuing the workshop and moving it into the new era.

It is in the area of conflict between traditional and modern trends that he feels drawn. Next to the ever expanding workshop, he creates a second concept, a beautiful new house, called ‘glas + räume’ and soon a third project with an artists’ gallery that serves as a state-of-the-art centre of communication. Wilhelm Peters further develops his collaboration with artists and new premises are taken over in Neuenbeken near Paderborn. Glass Painting enterprises are on the move.

The fourth generation

Jan-Wilhelm Peters joins the enterprise in 2008. The company now employs 60 staff. He studied business studies in Hanover and gained experience in various work placements with companies renowned for modern glass finishing.