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Glass painting with tradition

For more than a thousand years the art of ‘glass painting’ has featured in artistic window decoration for both sacred and secular buildings. Glass painting means ‘painting on glass’ but also ‘painting with glass’. For the latter, instead of working with oil or water colours, coloured glass is used. Even the most expensive natural colours cannot surpass the incomparable lucidity and brilliance created by the sun flooding through glass windows.

Our workshop is dedicated to the conservation, maintenance and refinement of the tradition of this ancient craft in both the religious and nonreligious sectors. We are a fourth generation family business and are approaching our 100th anniversary.

Our main business is the implementation of new, extensive church window projects in the designs of renowned artists; but the restoration of historic windows also plays a significant role. Our new work is now being distributed throughout the world – to the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, to name but a few.

Our workshop has restored the Altenberg Cathedral and the Cathedrals of Sevilla and Girona. In the trade this work has been deemed extraordinary. Glass painting is pure fascination. Immerse yourself in the varied world of art, light, brilliant colours and the traditional and the modern within the following pages.