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For thousands of years mosaics have been popular in many cultures. Over time the use of materials and techniques, locations and style has changed considerably.

Mosaics were widely spread in the Roman Empire. Many floors and sometimes even the walls in the houses of the upper classes were decorated with mosaics. In the first century A.D. black and white mosaics were very popular and geometric motifs predominated. Displays of figures were rather sparse and only gained in popularity in the second century when more and more coloured mosaics appeared. These were particularly popular in the African provinces, where they displayed their own individual style. The classical Greek styles and traditions prevailed in the East of the Empire.

In the 19th century, with the return to the old traditions, mosaics experienced a renaissance. Mosaics with rich gold decors were very much in demand for the creation of historic Roman sanctuaries. Today, large individual panels or individual pieces are missing, which makes the overall picture difficult to read and impairs the effect that was so desired at the time.

Our workshop with its highly qualified team of restorers and a well equipped stock of mosaic materials from various historic periods provide an ideal foundation for the restoration of historic mosaics.

Mosaic materials