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Artist presentation

Cabinet pane exhibition





Our Glass Artists’ Gallery is a window into the extensive, fantastic world of glass design in architecture. We use a projector to provide an insight into the opulent history of glass, art and architecture; show you various techniques and introduce you to ‘our’ artists.

With this Gallery we aspire to point out the frequently unimagined possibilities of applying the art of stained glass in reconstruction and new buildings. We would like to open the eye to the fantasy, creativity and aesthetic contained in artistically designed glass.

The Gallery is open to private and public clients, architects, artists and any other interested parties. It is an ideal place for establishing contacts between partners and also our venue for ever-changing exhibitions and events.

Media & Options


The Gallery provides various media and options for artists to present themselves and their work. We use a video projector to display pictures and text onto a giant, 3 x 4 metres screen. There are photo documentation facilities comprising portfolios via 5 projectors, a recording of a brief interview of approximately 5 to 6 minutes in which the artist and his/her work is introduced personally, a collective file with photos, designs, books and publications and, of course, sample glass panes.